Larix cone gold on wire garland 1,8m €17.40
Nut shell wreath ice glitter 16cm €14.70
Cone-moss-cinnamon-anise wreath gold glitter d31cm €30.80
Cone-moss-cinnamon-anise wreath gold glitter d37cm €42.90
Larix cone wreath 30cm €36.80
Larix cone wreath 50cm €76.00
Larix cone wreath 100cm €325.50
Star anise ring gold glitter 40cm €33.90
Fir cone wreath natural 50cm
Currently unavailable
Fir cone wreath natural 70cm €131.80
Pinecone wreath with moss natural 35cm €34.00
Pinecone wreath with moss natural 50cm €60.70
Pinecone wreath with moss natural 65cm €103.70
Pinecone-alnus-apple-moss wreath 45cm €56.60
Cedar cone garland smaller cones natural with glitter 180cm €32.80
Cedar cone garland bigger cones champagne with glitter 180cm €44.10
Larix-alnus-acorn garland natural 180cm €22.70
Larix-alnus-acorn garland natural with gold glitter 180cm €26.10
Cone-redberry-alnus garland natural 180cm €29.70
Cone-redberry-alnus garland natural with gold glitter 180cm €33.10
Pampas grass wreath d30cm €31.40
Pampas grass wreath d50cm €42.50
Lagurus wreath d30cm €33.30
Mixed cones drop 60cm €19.60
Pod wreath glittered d32cm €28.30
Mixed feather wreath 50cm €46.50
Pheasant feather wreath 45cm €49.20
Feather rays wreath brown 50cm €43.00
Metal mistletoe ring with bells rusty d32cm €17.80
Mixed pods wreath gilded 35cm
Currently unavailable
Mixed pods wreath gilded 45cm €52.70
Pods wreath gilded 22cm €17.20
Pods wreath gilded 26cm €23.00
Pods wreath gilded 32cm €30.00
Pods wreath natural 32cm €19.30
Pods wreath natural 50cm €63.30